When you’re a feral dog which manages to get itself stuck in a well, it can be hard to find new friends. Luckily, you need only one, and they are very attached.

- USE MOMENTUM, rock back and then use your velocity on release to get where you need to go.
- Make sure to use your movement keys while in the air for greater control.
- To get the best grab, walk close to a wall (but not all the way next to it), turn around and bring your mouse up and grab to grab as high as you can (you can also jump before grabbing for extra height).

Space - Jump / Flip when upside down
WASD - Move
Mouse Move - Move your friend
Click+Drag - Grab walls and then swing to fling with your friend
R - Restart the screen

Programming by Noah Krim
Design by Noah Krim
Art by Matt Zehner
Music by Something Soft
Concept by Noah Krim and Matt Zehner


StatusIn development
AuthorPasta Pig
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Dogs, Funny, Physics, weird
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Fun and appealing story, although it was fun to fling the dog around, it was quite har to get the hang of it